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A possible model for infinity is that in an infinite multi-universe model, infinity stretches both up and down vertically from our universe. For this to work, the absolutely smallest indivisible particle in our universe’s quantum world, make up separate tiny infinitesimal tiny finite universes that are the bricks or building blocks of our much larger universe There could be an infinite number of these infinitesimal universes, going ever downwards creating smaller and smaller universes, to infinity.

Our universe could be likewise a tiny quantum building brick or block of a much larger universe ours .Not into one final mega universe because there is always a next level up. Therefore, it goes thus, our universe a smallest component to a next larger universe, that universe is likewise universe a component to a next larger universe and so on infinitely. Alternately, the same model moves infinitely down to next smaller and next smaller universal building blocks. Of course, this is only speculation and conjecture by my restless mind.

Our beautiful galaxy of four hundred billion stars


God rested and dreamed

I experienced time only in my dreams said God. God first dreamed. The cup of dreams ran over like unto rivers that overflow their banks. For God dreamed Infinity of dreams in an instant, and the Infinity multiplied by infinity for an Eternity created all possibilities in one awesome now. It was the Realm of Chaos. God began to create outside the Absolute Realm and started the first realities based on dimensions and textures.

For eons, slumbering God just observed the dreams. God delighted and God began to alter the flow and pattern of His dreaming state by switching from observer to participant. For God grew tired of the confusion and started controlling his dreams until they became patterns of joy that grew with beauty, precision and majesty. When God learned moved from his rest his time of chaos was over and the dawn of the Perfect Realm began. In addition, the universe sprang into being. Chaos changed back to order.

Time - Actually the use of the word time here is inaccurate, but it will have to suffice for lack of a better term. From God's perspective, there is no time, only an ever changing now. Our use of time is a way to express beginnings, ends, and is used here to mark the beginning and ending of chaos.


Alan 15/9/2007

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© 2009 Alan Grant McDougall. All rights reserved

Here I discuss open mindely about God , Creation, Existence and Philosophy relating to those factors or reality

Quantum Virtual Reality

In films like The Matrix and books about futuristic societies like the Culture of Iain M Banks, the characters pass back and forth into a virtual reality universe, where everything is just an illusion. Reality is just information in a computer world fooling their senses. Turns out the real universe could actually just be a computer too if a new theory of the universe from the theoretical physicists is right.

Abstract Quantum Physics Image

Physicists have long been searching for a "theory of everything" - basically a single mathematical way of describing reality so that space, time, the properties of particles like electrons and neutrinos, gravity - in fact everything - then follows as a consequence. At the moment physicists have a series of separate theories each of different parts of reality: like Einstein's Theory of relativity. Finding a way to fit all the theories together was something that even Einstein struggled with.

The latest attempt at a theory of everything is called "loop quantum gravity". It starts from Einstein's theory of relativity and the idea that everything is built from a network of relationships that can be tied in tangles. Particles are just the tangles.

One of the wilder possibilities that emerge from this is that space might actually be made up of a web of information - a bit like in a virtual world like the Matrix - and the universe is then just a giant computer: not a traditional computer as we currently use but a kind of quantum computer.

Quantum computers may be the future of computing. Traditional computers store information as bits: 1s or 0s. Quantum computers store qubits: bits that can be both 1 and 0 at the same time. If we can develop computers that work in this way they will be vastly more powerful than current ones.

The theory of quantum loop theory is quite promising so far in that starting from relativity alone it has given a description of both space-time and particles that correspond to reality. There is a long way to go to be sure it can really describe everything. That's where the practical science has to start. Good scientific theories are testable. The theory needs not only describe reality as we know it but predict some new things that experiments can be set up to test. If it passes the tests then Douglas Adams in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy may not have been so far wrong. Though rather than the Earth being a computer trying to work out the question to the answer of life the universe and everything. 


Who AM I???????

I am the strange mysterious enigma rapped in a paradox encompassed in a new paradigm moving toward an understanding of what puzzles all. The greatest light is my ultimate aim and time is my enemy. However, if I do not hurry to fight darkness, it will come suddenly no matter what, and stalk the land with fear and hate. I put on the armour of the absolute and prepare to battle the brute. I illuminate the darkness through which I travel, searching out the monster ever before me. Supreme principal sublime are some of my qualities. I am the colossal one. Gigantic eyes of mine survey the fields of desolate horror but I do not retract from my purpose. I will isolate the evil monster and be victorious before the end of time. I must hurry

We exist together in fields of nothingness and battle eternal the war continuation of the totality of all existence. If I lose, the universe will blacken all the stars and galaxies dim, blink out, and the universe vanish into the Evil mind of the terrible one. Therefore, I must bring down the terrible before the black clouds of its dreadful terror destroys all that is good and full of light.  It is the abomination of desolation and howls after the souls out of the pit of hell. I am Goodness and beauty and peace are the fruits of my being I dance the song of life with delight. Its aim is to such the life and energy from the universe and to leave it cold dark, barren and remote from the great God forever.

If you listen to Me joy, peace, glory, bliss, rapture, honour, pleasure, delight, elation, euphoria, happiness, purpose, glee,   hilarity, and commune with the eternal infinite mind is your reward forever. However, before all this wonder can come, I the Infinite Eternal and you the redeemed must take on the battle of the mind against this dark Evil Brute. It sends out creatures of the night to kill, lie, destroy, deceive and lead that entire listen to its black repulsive horrible mind into its cave of eternal hopelessness, desolation and despair. Be careful of its seductive discordant song. Composite wickedness made up of malevolent sin and offence to all that is good it continues unrelentingly to promote iniquity, vice, immorality and abuse against the innocent. It is composite darkness and the alternate to life; it is eternal punishment and death. Do not listen to its whisper in your mind. Exploration, abuse, corruption, and the hordes of lying thieves make up much of its army

The one you serve is your true master no matter what you claim. If you claim to be good, honest and righteous but do the opposite, know that the Evil one of hate is your master indeed.

On Earth and out there in the wonder of the universe this battled of light and darkness, love and hate, good and evil has been raging since the beginning of time and is drawing ever closer to an eternal conclusion. That is why I have kept the universe a secret from humanity up until now.

Love conquers all, is the enemy of time, and leads one to merge with the infinite. Hate leads to destruction, its friend is time, and so it must ultimate end in eternal darkness.

Adore, appreciate, esteem, reverence me and prize Me the giver of life show your love by virtue of worship. I am the word of life and the arm of the absolute and lead all to the omega-point.

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© 2009 Alan Grant McDougall. All rights reserved

I am the Author of Life and Everything


Aware of infinite potential in vast unploughed fields of nothing, I strode with great beams of cosmic light toward the infinite horizon of eternity, sowing seeds of existence before the timeless moment of creation. I am the boundless Mind, Original Self-Awareness the cause of everything, relative to nothing I am this. On the panorama of bleak blackness, I rode on the back of the Absolute, sowing universal energy. Reality was my aim and the beauty of my achievement. Illuminating the darkness with beams of dazzling radiant glory was the first event of reason. I formulated in my mind the first number and called it “One”,

With the now realities of the fundamentals of’ “one, and ‘zero”, I made everything. I am the Prime Mover and there was no proponent to my First Cause. I am the Immovable Rock and the Alpha point. I took these first numbers and weaved them into the fabric of the reality, creating all the limitless universes on the infinite timeless foam of nothing, which now makes all up existence. Indeed, I am the Almighty One.

If you are, wise. “Do one thing Respect, me THE LORD OF LIFE"

 God rested and dreamed

I experienced time only in my dreams said God. God first dreamed. The cup of dreams ran over like unto rivers that overflow their banks. For God dreamed Infinity of dreams in an instant, and the Infinity multiplied by infinity for an Eternity created all possibilities in one awesome now. It was the Realm of Chaos. God began to create outside the Absolute Realm and started the first realities based on dimensions and textures.

For aeons, slumbering God just observed the dreams.  God delighted and God began to alter the flow and pattern of His dreaming state by switching from observer to participant. For God grew tired of the confusion and started controlling his dreams until they became patterns of joy that grew with beauty, precision and majesty. When God learned moved from his rest his time of chaos was over and the dawn of the Perfect Realm began. And the universe sprang into being. Chaos changed back to order. 

Time - Actually the use of the word time here is inaccurate, but it will have to suffice for lack of a better term. From God's perspective there is no time, only an ever changing now. Our use of time is a way to express beginnings, ends, and is used here to mark the beginning and ending of chaos.

The Lord created me in the beginning of his works, before all else, when he set the heavens in their place, I was there, before he made the earth, I was his darling child and played the creation game, in eternal joy with him. I was his craftsman and his companion and delight. Wisdom and word is my name and I was with him before all creation. He is the ancient of days and I am his eternal son. Who am I? Who is he?

 I am the painter and the painting, singer and the song, the dance and the dancer, the stage and the actors, the writer of the script of existence. I am all these things who am I? I am Ultimate-All the Absolute Totally of all existence, yes, I am this, and do you exist? Then why cant to I exist? The imprudent ask where you are, the wind blows on your cheek and you ask ‘where are you? The oceans roar and you ask,’ ‘where are you? The stars glow and you say mysterious one, ‘if you would only show yourself, blood flows in your vessels and you say ‘what are you? Indeed, I am the First Cause and the Immovable Rock.


I am THAT WHICH encompasses and enfold all things within the substance of my being. Resonating with profound unfathomable vibrations, creation trembles at the passing of my presence.

I am the stalker of the soul, the defeater of death. I am Supreme and take the abstract, and convert it into concrete matter.

I dwell in composite bright light, which is the breath of my life. I now look with delight upon the beauty of the garden of my creation, sparkling out of the darkness of infinite universes. In eternal joy, I survey my prime creation and called it life.

I set and start the clock of eternal time while dwelling outside in the ever-now moment


I am the creator of the totality of all existence known by many names and titles but you must all refer to be by the title that can never be confused by anyone. Call me The Almighty One. It should be obvious to any fool that there can not be two almighty Gods.

 Alan McDougall Author Copyrighted 21/05/2009

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© 2009 Alan Grant McDougall. All rights reserved

Liber Sapientiae Alanielis f° 2v

I awake in a strange dark cold universe


I am the Light Being and I come to dispel the darkness

I walk about the shores of a frozen dead stagnant ocean bringing hope light love and reason to this place where there was none . My aim to to remove the terrible one  from this universe of dark bring light and suspend The Terrible One there forever and  forever in the pit called hell and damnation

Greetings people

Recalling experiences that I have had during extreme altered state of consciousness (not drug induced) I was aware of the intensity of colors unimaginably beautiful and countless unseen in our early dimension, they, blazed in living harmonious vibrations. Everything sang and I could hear and fell the caress of the sound of smell the taste of music and colors beyond present perception and outside the comprehension of our mortal bodies.

I knew then that I had never come remotely close to knowing what an almost infinite precise instrument my whole body really was. It is not only the brain that perceives reality; each cell is individual aware parts of my body. It was possible to switch to seeing with my ears, tasting with my eyes, listening with my sense of taste, smell and feel. Every atom of you physical body harmonizes together, as an intelligent member of your composite living being.

We have never learned how to utilize the amazing sensory organ that is our entire body. In this state of awareness I could stand still and hear the chirp of a billion birds which I knew was quantum particle flashing in the mind of God. They sing the song of existence and creation and we are deaf to their beautiful song and its real meaning.

Learning to use by whole body, as one great sensory instrument, I could perceive things that normally go completely unnoticed. Looking carefully with all my combined bodily senses I could read the messages from the universe all around me. I could see things as minute as a vibrating electron, or the great expanding universe, existence told me of the past, present and future. I only we look at everything, taste, smell, feel , hear, breathe, see and use our innate psychic intuitive ability, nothing would overtake us as a complete surprise as we become one with all existence and hear the song of creation all around usual the time.

People became open books to me as I could hear in my mind every word they were thinking, and I had to close my mind against the cacophony of meaningless babble, until I could filter it out and hear the beauty of glorious minds all around me, both human and animal. I had to retreat in shock and horror from the dark bleakness from real evil thoughts that sometimes entered my mind. And learn to accept and embrace all that is beautiful and loving about our beautiful blue water planet and the unimaginable wonder of the universe and the super universe from out of which it was born.

My body, mind, soul and spirit as stilled my inner being to really hear, feel, see taste smell and merge with the Super- Consciousness, began to expand in such unimaginable exhilaration that my finite mind and self embraced all of existence and I saw and understood everything just like God did. My ego was gone and I could no longer separate my awareness and personality than from god himself. Indeed I had for all purposes amalgamated with and become godlike

My soul awareness or consciousness expanded until it filled the whole universe and beyond and in this brief glorious moment I became everything, I was “Infinite Existence” All things were now encompassed within my being.

In what we call our normal waking state we are really sleeping in a dormant hibernating like way. But with practice one can awaken to a much greater degree than is the norm for many of us.

In my earthly life I have plunged the depths of darkness’, despair desolation and for anyone to tell me there is a hell worse than this was a great offence to me. But now I knew the consequences and the accountability of life and there were hells so terrible that the Christian hell was a kiddies teddies bears picnic by comparison.

I saw beings so black, so dark, so cold so evil, so depraved and hideous dwelling in this horror.They were not of human origin, but monstrous beasts of unspeakable evil from elsewhere in the universe and their names were the “Dark Ones” They consisted of Black Light and are the enemies of God and they strive to smother the warm light of God, with their black light of cold. They drain off life into themselves and can only continue to exist by doing this.

I saw the horror of this on a planet, a village much like a village on earth, the village was lit up and a little girl looked at me with sad eyes and I saw life drain out of her and her eyes slowly dimming until the death of cold overtook her. This is the battle for our universe our universe of Light and Dark. Look out at the night sky, what do you see? A sky mostly dark with some light in this potentially infinite dark?

But maybe we must travel through the dark valleys of utter hopeless like I did; to really relish and savor the unbelievable glory that awaits us. Before we exit this life we should have reached a place of contentment, peace and love. Then the transition is easy smooth exiting a wonder beyond words , like a great holiday that embraces so much beautiful unknowns that the mind is filled with the essences and fragrances of new lands, planets and universes, both physical and spiritual way out beyond any wildest speculations about the afterlife

One day I found myself walking down a long road and as I made each step or movement I could feel a billion trillion other selves moving off infinitesimally steps from the path I thought I was taking. I was taking.


Who amongst this infinity of Alan’s was the original? Was it I that walked the path faintly aware of ghostly other Alan’s reaching outward, inward and in every at every speed, through all eternal time frames in an infinity of directions into a different eternities, multiple other dimensions realms planes and universes so strange to the self that I saw myself as a being of light at times a being of dark at other times, then translucent, then opaque, then colorful and then monochrome.


We Alan’s after a trillion billion epochs of time came together. I saw different aspects of myself stretching out with me in the middle and all my other companion selves gathering around my central point like a immense uncountable crowd of similar Alan’s , stretching out into the far distant infinite night and day, light and dark, monochrome and blazing colours.

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© 2009 Alan Grant McDougall. All rights reserved

Alien Life might not look anything like a human or earth organism

Life might exist like that below,%20low-rez%208.5x11.jpg


Was the world created by God’s hand as told in holy writ,
When scientific findings seem to dash the thought of it?
Is it possible that all things formed the way they are by chance?
With the odds against such: infinite…it causes second glance.

None thinks a simple tool exists without creator’s hand.
Thus, how can it be justified that all we see…not planned?
So what is truth? Which concept right? Both theories seem quite odd.
The key that makes one theory whole: the purpose of our God.

If he created everything, for what reason was it done?
Was it not to test his children and a throne with him be won?
And if this life then be a test, upon what topic is it based?
Deferring back to holy text, the subject matter: faith.

The test would be quite meaningless if God uttered out his voice,
And made the world such that Creation was the only choice.
It stands to reason that he must have made the world “As Is”,
So that Evolution and Creation would both have solid bids.

And so it is, all get their chance to search amongst the clues,
Eternity hangs in the balance…which path will you choose?
A lifetime we are given and it’s never too late to start,
But may I offer some advice…trust the feelings of your heart.

© Jeff Bresee, Creation Religious Poems


Time and the twin paradox by Alan McDougall


Nothing is really as it seems to us and all things are subjective to the observer. Everything is relative to each person from the viewpoint.

Comparative readings, of two almost unimaginably  accurate precision atomic clocks located on fast moving spacecraft and airplanes and on earth, have detected this strange skewing of time and proved Einstein’s theory of relativity to be fact.


Stop all the clocks in the universe and movement will continue unaffected.


Stop all movement and the illusion we call time will stop and nothing ever happen again.


As an object approached the speed of light it becomes more and compressed (It occupies less and less space), distorts the fabric of space time and time slows on the speeding object when compared to an object stationary state, it left at its source.

Let the Object equate to a spaceship if you like.


Time is much like an elastic string which can only be stretched in one direction namely; into the future.

The twin paradox describes what happens. Twins; One boards a spacecraft that accelerates to near light speed, on say a voyage to Alpha Centauri, some four light years from earth.

The other remains on the home planet. Ten years later the bother who went to Alpha Centauri  returns having aged only "one subjective year" because time has moved slower for him, “relative” to his brother who remained on the home planet, where time moved at the "normal rate"


Why and how did this ageing difference happen?, why has the spaceman one brother become twenty years younger than his brother who remained at home? or the reverse if you like!

There is no absolute time, time moves differently from one object to the next and in one location to the next according to its  "gravity mass and density" Condense the matter on a object, into smaller and "smaller volume" and you alter gravity and the flow of time on its surface. This is the reason that time stops in a black hole of infinite density


Note; this will really happen if we develop near light speed space vehicles  


A year of subjective time has passed for the twin on the spaceship, when compared to twenty year older brother who has somehow aged at a 1/20 ratio. The brother who remained at home is a grey haited old man of say 65 and his returning brother just one year older at 26 years of age

An enigmatic paradox but absolutely true and real. One exciting, but far distant use of this effect is the real possibility of reaching nearly any moment in the future.

Given enough speed and enormous energy, one could reach the Olympic Games of the year C.E. 3108, in a matter of a few subjective days or even return a million years later only older be maybe a decade or so older.


Backward times travel to the past, is a fantasy and if this were possible, a person could do the impossible and go back and murder their younger self.

There is no universal now!  Events are simply there, hanging in space-time Time cannot exist without space and space cannot exist without time.


We only conceive of time by the movement of an object through space, so space and time are different realities of the same thing and can only exist where movement is allowed. For example, stop all movement in the universe and you have stopped time, have you not? Therefore, there is really only one reality all bond up into and combined into what I call "spacetimemovement."


There is simply no universal now and each moment is unique to the observer 


By Alan McDougall 29/8/2007

Alien Sentient Life might look nothing like humans

Plasma Being Dweller on the Sun
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