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Hello INTERNET friends it is my hope to share with you some of my life experiences and struggles to find reason truth meaning and purpose for our existence. I have had deep and profound experiences that could be called mysterious or mystical. I have life long insatiably researched into every religious thought both esoteric and conventional.

I like to believe that I am an original thinker and would also like to communicate and receive philosophical, metaphysical, esoteric, astrophysics, astronomical truths.

I created this site for us to dialogue and debate if interest is shown. I do not make money out of my experiences, I would even go as far as stating that asking for money through my essays and writings is wrong even immoral.

I am also knowledgeable is the sciences, such as astronomy, physics, and mechanical engineering in heavy industry.

I have read thousands of books on every topic one could think of. My real love, was/is Science fiction of which I have read since I was a boy of seven or eight.

My reading and writings , however, revolve around both fiction and science fact

I am much into the near death phenomenon and out of body experiences of which I have both and I am more than willing to share.

Before my retirement as an Industrial Engineer/Business I held many different work titles

during my long career at the South African Electricity Supply Commission ESKOM,, such as  Industrial/Mechanical Engineer/ Business& System Analyst/IT Manager/Project Planner/Maintenance Planning Officer/Senior Information Officer and much more.

I was involved in introducing and lecturing on the computerized critical path method for turbine and power station boilers on huge up to 2 000 megawatt power stations here in South Africa, where I live

I also worked as a young man on the gold mines in South Africa

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This is what life is

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What is Codex Sinaiticus?

Codex Sinaiticus, a manuscript of the Christian Bible written in the middle of the fourth century, contains the earliest complete copy of the Christian New Testament. The hand-written text is in Greek. The New Testament appears in the original vernacular language (koine) and the Old Testament in the version, known as the Septuagint, that was adopted by early Greek-speaking Christians. In the Codex, the text of both the Septuagint and the New Testament has been heavily annotated by a series of early correctors.

The significance of Codex Sinaiticus for the reconstruction of the Christian Bible's original text, the history of the Bible and the history of Western book-making is immense.

Find out more about Codex Sinaiticus

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